Grains of Peace - Fundraising Marathon for Ukraine w/ 20ft Radio

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Show name: Grains of Peace - Fundraising Marathon for Ukraine w/ 20ft Radio

Show description: <p>For a week, musicians from Ukraine and foreign DJs played on Kyiv-based 20ft Radio website their calm and peaceful mixes. You could hear both niche Ukrainian artists and diggers as Anthony Junkoid, Nikolaienko (Muscut), Mlin Patz, Bryozone, DJ Snork, Andrey Kostyukov, Dubmasta, Vvanya Samokrutkin (СИСТЕМА) and many international artists such as <b>Biosphere, RAMZi, Aleksi Perala, Call Super, Elena Colombi, Heap, Yu Su, Legowelt, DJ soFa, Markey Funk</b> and more.</p> <br> <p><b>On April 7</b>, from noon to midnight, GMT+3, you will hear music from Ukrainian artists only at the different online radio stations around the world. Lahmacun radio will restream the broadcast between 2-4pm Budapest-time (GMT+2).</p> <br> <p>The goal is to raise money for Ukrainians who suffered from the russian aggression. 100% of all the money raised will be transferred to trustable funds who provide humanitarian assistance:</p> <br> <p><a href="" target="_blank">NBU FUNDRAISING ACCOUNT FOR HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE, DESTROYED PROPERTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE RESTORATION FUND</a> AND FRIENDS-VOLUNTEERS WHO ARE FIGHTING BACK THE OCCUPIER IN DIFFERENT UKRAINIAN CITIES.</p> <br> <p>More info on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>

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