no control

Episode parent show: Turmeric Acid

Episode number: 26

Episode name: no control

Episode description: The new episode of Turmeric Acid with (mostly) older music by Cabaret Voltaire, Nocturnal Emissions, :zoviet*france:, Muslimgauze and a few more. Tune in for your monthly dose of lo-fi cassette sounds.

Episode language: music

Episode play date: 2021-01-19

Episode play file name: turmeric_acid-no_control.mp3

Episode play length:

Episode live?: False

Episode broadcasted?: True

Episode (currently) airing?: True

Episode archive lahmastore: True

Episode archive lahmastore URL : Download ||

Episode archive mixcloud: False

Episode archive mixcloud URL:

Episode archived?: True

Episode D/L count: 0

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