LCR Invites Stratosphere Blues (Mondoj) @Lahmacun Radio [14.01.2021]

Episode parent show: Lazy Calm Raga

Episode number: 20210114

Episode name: LCR Invites Stratosphere Blues (Mondoj) @Lahmacun Radio [14.01.2021]

Episode description: Stratosphere Blues is a monthly show presented on Radio KapitaƂ by Mondoj, a record label from Warsaw. The show focuses on a variety of sound recordings often selected based on totally irrelevant criteria - from weirdo ambient, through mutant pop songs, to yawning dance music.

Episode language: music

Episode play date: 2021-01-14

Episode play file name: lazy_calm_raga-lcr_invites_stratosphere_blues_(mondoj)_@lahmacun_radio_[14.01.2021].mp3

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