Ambu Bambu

Episode parent show: Lahmacun presents

Episode number: 22

Episode name: Ambu Bambu

Episode description: Lahmacun presents Ambu Bambu from Groningen, Netherlands. Recorded live in Lahmacun studio, expect a mix of electro, tongue-in-cheek hooks, groovy-complex breaks, acid synths, polyrhythms, glitchy sounds, bubbling basslines, and melodies reminiscent of the Chinese songs she grew up on. Elsewhere on web: <a href=""></a>

Episode language: hu_hu

Episode play date: 2022-08-10

Episode play file name: lahmacun_presents-ambu_bambu_386c4e3e_25df_46d0_81fb_7cce36f3dc16.mp3

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