Bambuszrádió 2.5

Episode parent show: Bambuszradio with Panda

Episode number: 25

Episode name: Bambuszrádió 2.5

Episode description: And now something completely different what I usually do (I try to make every one different, but this will be different than other differences, if you know what I mean): sounds like shoegaze, baroque, canson, and others, mostly acoustic calming sounds, yet punctuated with emotions. Or just another boring music for sleeping. Anyway, it will be one of my most personal collections, (maybe we can still call it a 'mix', but mixing in this one is not really important) about love (every story is a love story, isn't it?) story. I'm afraid it would be a long story. Let's have lunch with falling leaves, crying guitars and dancing hearts!

Episode language: hu_hu

Episode play date: 2020-11-01

Episode play file name: bambuszradio_with_panda-bambuszradio_2.5.mp3

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