Dalmata Daniel eats Lahmacun (mixed by DJ Tűz)

Episode parent show: Lahmacun presents

Episode number: 20210714

Episode name: Dalmata Daniel eats Lahmacun (mixed by DJ Tűz)

Episode description: Budapest-based label Dalmata Daniel's 20-track international fundraising compilation mixed by DJ Tűz for the album premiere in Lahmacun presents on 14th of July, 2021. All sales go to Lahmacun radio. Thank you Dalmata Daniel & DJ Tűz! <3 Link: https://dalmatadaniel.bandcamp.com/album/dalmata-daniel-eats-lahmacun-compilation or https://lahmacunradio.bandcamp.com/album/dalmata-daniel-eats-lahmacun

Episode language: music

Episode play date: 2021-07-14

Episode play file name: lahmacun_presents-dalmata_daniel_eats_lahmacun_mixed_by_dj_tuz.mp3

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Episode live?: False

Episode broadcasted?: True

Episode (currently) airing?: True

Episode archive lahmastore: True

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Episode archived?: True

Episode D/L count: 0

Episode uploader: peti@lahmacun.hu

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